Have you used Canva for personal projects and are wondering if it's a viable program to meet your business's needs? With a new expansion of content and programs, your business can realize more benefits of Canva Magic Studio than ever before. 

What Is Canva Magic Studio?

Canva Magic Studio is a new bundle of content from Canva. It simplifies, expedites, and expands the platform's design capabilities. It includes features like magic expand, magic morph, magic switch, and more.

Centering around increased access to AI and media formats, Canva now positions itself as a viable platform for your business. No longer is it only a starting point for amateur designers and marketers.

Benefits of Canva's New Content

The new suite of Canva content provides several benefits to businesses. Some features are available for free in limited capacity. Enterprise users can optimize the benefits by investing in the premium version of the website.

1. More AI-Powered Apps

The major benefits of Canva Magic Studio derive from increased access to AI. This optimizes harnessing it as a comprehensive digital design and marketing asset.

Three features form the core of Canva's new content. Magic Switch focuses on providing quick and easy interchangeability of content. It can convert the same content into blogs, emails, etc., without spending time changing the format. With Magic Media, you can easily convert your writing into an image or audio format for more comprehensive content. You probably already use Magic Edit, but the new expansion provides even more capabilities for photo editing.

2. Text Conversion Capability

The new features allow you to convert text to an image or video easily. You won't spend excessive time on it and risk reducing workplace productivity.

For example, imagine you have a blog post talking about the beauty of the kitchen counters you offer. With just a few easy clicks, Canva AI can generate stunning images you can add to your content.

3. Media and Language Translation

Magic Switch can translate your content into over 100 different languages. It doesn't require a new internet tab or window. Within the same platform, you can convert a single piece of content into a blog post, email, social media post, PDF, or even a PowerPoint presentation.

4. Improved Access Controls

As a business owner or manager, you know the importance of controlling who has access to your various forms of technology. The new content from Canva increases accessibility controls for enterprise users. Team administrators can assign roles to their members and toggle their access to each Canva feature based on those roles.

5. Wide-ranging Applications

Because every business and industry can benefit from high-quality marketing and design tools, Canva is not restricted in its use. If you're wondering if you could harness the benefits of Canva Magic Studio, the answer is yes! Check it out today!


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