Upgrading computers is a normal and healthy processes for a business as technology evolves and your needs change, but the computers being replaced are often a frequently overlooked factor in Digital Personal Health Information (PHI) Security. It may seem as though an old laptop that has not been turned on for a year is not at much risk for a data breach, but often they are the source.

A lack of physical security around the device can put them at risk of being stolen. With direct access to the hard drive, a thief or even disgruntled employee could easily access unencrypted data on the drive. Even in a scenario where an encrypted drive is stolen, you are required by HIPAA regulations to report the incident as a breach.

Secure drive destruction eliminates the risks associated with old unused hardware while ensuring that you have a record of your data security in the event you’re required to do a HIPAA compliance review. In most cases with computer 5 years old or less, if you recycle the computer with us you will get drive destruction at no cost to you.

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