Encryption is a foundational part of a HIPAA compliant office. Encryption is your ultimate trump card when it comes to data theft, it insures that even if that attackers manage to get through your security that any information they steal is useless to them. Patient files, Credit Card information, E-mails and any other data you store or transmit should be encrypted to ensure full compliance and the utmost security. At Arkhon we make this transition as simple as possible.

Once your HIPAA assessment is complete, we will use it to identify where your sensitive data is stored and the the best way to encrypt it. Next we will take care to implement the encryption in a way that does not disrupt your business. Once we are certain that the encryption is in place and working, we will train your staff on the basics of the encryption solution. We will show them not only how to access encrypted files but also train them on the best practices to ensure that your employees are apart of your security system and not working against it.

Computer security is all about redundancy, and professionals don't leave anything to chance. Even the best secured network can be penetrated, and professionals know this. It is encryption that ensures that when part of your security is overcome or avoided, the results are not disastrous. Peace of mind is a valuable thing and encryption is one of the few security solutions that can provide it.